Sunday, March 25, 2012

Xmas Tablet and My New Bike

Look At Me - Blog Entry #3 - My Tablet and My New Bike

So, last Christmas Eve, my mom and I went to my aunt's and gramma's new apartment to celebrate. First, we ate some of our food. We had stuffing, veggies, and I think there was turkey, I'm not sure. My aunt had bought a natural fir tree, instead of the fake one that my mom and I had at home. Their tree was decorated with lights, Christianity-related ornaments, candy canes, etc. The cat they had was staring at the food in the kitchen; that's the only time she ever meows or makes noise--when she wants food. My Christmas was weird, in a simple kind of way.

First, we played Bingo because my aunt had bought perfumes, cosmetics, etc. So, my gramma won the first round and after that we each got to pick one thing out of her little prize box. I got perfume.

Then, there comes the presents. I got a jewelry tree for my necklaces and braclets; a purse with a matching photo album in it; a few video games for my Xbox 360; a jewelry dresser with drawers to put my smaller jewelry pieces in; and more importantly, I got a Pandigital Computer Tablet. I was so freakin' happy when my mom helped me open it (she had it shipped to her job because she bought it online, so it was in a cardboard box). But, this tablet had some problems. It wouldn't turn on after we fixed it. So, my mom had gotten a Pandigital Star Tablet with more memory, a card with extra MB's, and it came with a few pre-installed apps.

The reason why I had wanted one in the first place was because I was interested in the IPad. Since it costed too much, we decided to look for a PC Tablet since Christmas was coming next month. My mom wanted me to have this because I spent too much time on the computer we already have and I am always on it when she needs to use it. So, we got this. May not be an IPad, but it makes me happy.

A little while back, I had borrowed my aunt's bike to ride to school and whatnot. It was rusty and dilapidated, but at least it came with a basket, which I needed to put my purse and heavier textbooks in. I had not ridden a bike since I was around 10 years old, so I had to learn again. The only drawbacks were the tires were old, the seat hurt my butt when I ride, the paint was chipping, and the frame made a weird clinking sound (probably because I was so heavy).

When my birthday came around, my mom wanted to get me a new bike for my birthday, but her new car she bought had pricey payments. So, we postponed until she stopped working this telethon at Trinity Broadcasting Network. Then, on Friday, 2 days ago, we went to Walmart and I saw the bike online that I wanted was in stores. The only problem was it was 26", and it was too high for me. And the basket was too small. So, I got a pink, blue, and white Huffy Cranbrook that was 24" and the good thing about this bike was that you could adjust the seats and handlebars. Since this bike was only $88, we also got a horn and a basket. There were two bike horns. One sounded like a dog's chew toy and the other sounded like a clown's horn--a high honking sound followed by a lower-pitched one. So, I got that one and went home.

Then, the basket didn't fit on my bike, so we gave it and the horn to my aunt since she needed a horn and basket for her bike that I was formerly riding. She gave me her basket and I put on my bike myself and took it for a small ride through the alleyways. It rode so smoothly and the seat was just perfect. Pink may not be my FAVORITE color, but it was a good shade of pink.

I already had a lock for my bike, so I was all set with that. All I need now is a flashing back light, so I don't get in trouble. Other than that, I am ready to go to school on my new bike.

I'll post more blogs real soon. See ya later!!!

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