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When My Uncle Got Married...

Look At Me - Blog Entry #6 - When My Uncle Got Married...

There has been one thing that has been bothering me, in a good and bad way, over these last few weeks. One summer or two ago, I went up to my gramma Beverly's old apartment in Arcata, CA (around where Oregon is).
So, I flew up to my gramma's old apartment and she tells me that Tracy has got a girlfriend with a son that is born on the same day and year as I (February 14th, 1995). I felt ecstatic about this. But then I got a little puzzled when she told me he doesn't "understand people very well." So I just keep an open mind and I go over to meet Tracy Overholser, my uncle, and Leah Fulk, his girlfriend. They were going our for 3 months. His girlfriend told me that Jared was at his dad's house and wouldn't be back until July. I was here until the end of August. So, she tells me about her son. Turns out he has ADHD and a cluttering, which, in layman's terms, means he talks too fast. I tried to imagine my other cousin, Shane, because he had ADHD, too, but sugar, which normally makes him hyper, actually calms him down. Leah tells me that we "will get along famously." So that made me feel a bit better. At Tracy's house, on Sundays, we had a Family Night, where everyone would come over and have a big dinner and stuff. All of his sons, Bryan, Wesley, Kyle, and Justin, had birthdays in July, so on top of those, I got to see fireworks up close.
Anyway, when I saw Leah's son, Jared, I wasn't sure if he was her son or not, it could've been one of the neighbors, visiting. But it was Jared, her son. He had short, brown hair, light skin, he was a bit taller than me, and he had the most adorable smile ever. 

We went to a place at the mall where there huge bouncy houses. Kind of for little kids, but I had fun. Justin, Tracy's youngest son, had a girlfriend, Nadia, and they and all of his brothers and Tracy and Leah were asking me when Jared and I were going to kiss. That made me nervous. All the kissing that I saw was in movies and out in public at my schools. So, I decided that I would wait to get to know him.
In July, I went on a triple date. It was me and Jared, Justin and Nadia, and Tracy and Leah. We went to the mall and ate at HomeTown Buffet. We also went shopping. Jared got me a shirt and a necklace (I still got them.) Most of the time that I had spent with Leah's son was there, the bouncy house place, and at home.

I know what you're thinking: What about the kiss? I'm not sure what day it was, but sometime in July, we did have our first kiss. I could be speculating, but I think he was the one that kissed me first. The first few times were a bit hard for me, since I never kissed anyone, except for my family, so after a while, I got used to it. Leah was telling me that  he loved me so much and that he had never had another girlfriend before me. Well...I guess that explained why he kisses like my grammy! No offense or anything, but I didn't really feel much of a "spark" when I was kissing him. I never felt that feeling that makes you think, "This is the best moment of my life." The reason why is because since he never had another girlfriend, he doesn't know how to do everything that couples do. I didn't know if I could tell or show him how to do everything because even I don't like talking about it. The only thing that kept me from kissing him the way I wanted to was I didn't know how he would react to it.

But I stayed with him for the rest of my vacation just because I wanted him to be happy. He had trouble making friends and he was bullied a lot, too, so I felt sorry for him. But the one thing that surprised me was he went  hunting with his mom and dad, he had two jobs (janitor and gardener) at his school, and he knew a local Indian tribe and he was a member of it. That impressed me a lot when his mom first told me.

When Tracy and Leah go married, they had a Hawaiian theme and they had bottles and bottles of sparkling grape juice and apple cider. In the middle of the priest's speech (The "Dearly Beloved..." Speech), Leah's 2 year-old son, Ernest, said what seemed to be "NO!" Everyone was lauhging. APPARENTLY, somebody didn't want them to marry just yet.

Anyway, after I got home one day, I told my gramma how I was feeling and I said that I liked him, but not the way he wanted me to yet. I wanted to break up with him without him knowing it, but I didn't want him to get hurt by me. He LOVED me so much it was sad. I cried for a day and a half after that. Later in the month, Jared had bought me a bouquet of white flowers with a red border, they were real. I was crying tears of joy. 

Eventually, I flew home back to my mom in Garden Grove. I had school in a few weeks.

And now that I think about him now, I regret not telling and/or showing him everything I wanted him to know (the romantic couple stuff). When I was looking at his picture and listening to a depressing song (My Immortal by Evanescence), I cried because I missed him so much. I sometimes wished he went to my school. I sometimes imagined us, getting married and sometimes imagining our honeymoon night. But it does make me feel good inside that someone out there loves me the way I am, and not for the way I look like at my high school. 

I am considering having him, Tracy, and Leah visit me over this summer, but I don't know where they would stay. So I got to think about it.
Nonetheless, he has been on my mind for awhile and now, I think about him almost every day.

See you later, my fellow readers!!!

My Immortal song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anLPw0Efmo&ob=av3e 

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