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Being an "A" Student

Look At Me - Blog Entry #5 - Being an "A" Student

I haven't always been such a good student. As the years passed, the teasings got worse to the point where seeing me, coming home and crying, was the norm. 5th and 6th grade were my worst years. In 5th grade, I had to write "I can't go outside because I didn't do my homework" 40-50 times. I tried to shorten it, but I had to start over again. I finished, but it was a rainy day and I ran towards the bus just as they were about to leave and when I made it everyone started chanting, "Leave her! Leave her! Leave her!" I screamed, "SHUT UP!!!" at everyone and the whole bus was deathly silent. I always sat in front to keep people from teasing me, but it didn't help any. But when 6th grade came around, I met this guy that wanted to know me more, but he just wanted to get a reputation. I stopped visiting him and he met another girl he wanted to score with. From that point on, I stayed reserved and quiet, so that my feelings would not get hurt.

In 7th grade and all of 8th grade, I had a "B" streak, no "A" anywhere on my report card, except in P.E. I always wondered how I got by in that class with an "A" every year, even though I was overweight. And my P.E. teacher, Ms. Marshall, said, "As long as I see you trying your best, you will never fail." Then, on my last report card, I saw nothing but A's. A+, A, A-, it didn't matter...I got a 4.0 GPA for the first time, and I kept it up until my sophomore year, when I got teased, not for me, being a tattletale or a weirdo or something, but because I was a teacher's pet. I got teased for that in junior high and my teachers stood up for me because I couldn't stand up for myself without cussing like a sailor.

I can cuss in Spanish and Italian, but Italian sounds too much like Spanish, so I don't use it at all. By my junior year, the teasing ceased in all my classes, except for Health, where this snobby, crappy, stuck-up girl, Ally Ardina, and her friend, told me to shut the eff up all the time because they beleaguered my teacher. At sometime or another, I just wanted to slap her until her cheeks got numb and red. Either that or beat her up. I try to behave, but its stuck-up "girl dogs" (b*****s) like her that really irk me to the point of exploding. So, I told the assistant principal about it and they didn't bother me for the rest of the semester.

When I was in my sophomore year, when a sub was teaching my Algebra II class, some guys were throwing pop tart pieces at me, so I went to the bathroom first, then I sneaked over to the assistant's principal's office to tell him and he moved them to another class. But the next day, this girl, Maritsa, yelled during passing period, "You're an F-in' snitch!!!" I yelled, "Shut up!" and went on to my Algebra II class. But students aren't the only people that yell at me.

Last year, when we were reading this boring Rip Van Winkle story, my friend was taking so long to understand and sound the freakin' words that by the end, I grumbled, "Oh, God." My teacher said to me two words: Shut Up, followed by a "That is so rude." But not all the teachers know the pain that I have endured over the last 12 years. I have been booed, yelled at, picked on, and I had food thrown at me, so I know the meaning of "Pain" 100 times over. Plus, people should already know how to read. My friend was reading like a little elementary school kid and that p-ed me off even more. I sobbed quietly for almost 20 minutes and my teacher was the one to say that she was sorry. I wrote a letter of apology, saying that I haven't had the best school experiences and that I had the mental disorder Asperger's Syndrome and that if I said something like what I just said, it was because I was different than everyone else and that I could read at a higher level than the rest of the students. The letter seemed to do the trick. Now, I don't have any problems with her at all. At first, I wanted to run out the door and  hide somewhere in school where no one could find me. For the first few seconds after my incident, I put on, what my teacher calls, "The F-U Smile" and I pretended that her tirade didn't bother me, but all the memories of people teasing me and all the memories of people, yelling at me, flooded my brain and soon after my little "Screw You Smile", I cried silently.

One of the perks of being an "A" student is you get to go to exclusive parties and programs and ceremonies. I got to go to The Discovery Science Center and I got to go to a Pool Party with music, snacks, and everything. Plus, I got to go to a ceremony where people had a 3.0 or higher for 1-4 years, the ones that got the 4-year recognition were named School Valedictorians, I call them "The Perfect Students". Good times! I love my school.

Also, just recently, I sang "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue, at a Talent Show, and I sang Acapella. At the end, technically, since I was acknowledged FIRST, I got FIRST PLACE, with an In-N-Out Burger Gift Card as a "trophy/medal." I had gotten some roses from my aunt and gramma on that day and my mom thought that my friend was a homosexual (GAY). LOL. He wasn't gay, though.

I'll blog again sometime later, bye!

I cried when I wrote this and listened to this song:

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