Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Holidays, Past and Present

Look At Me - Blog Entry #4 - My Holidays

My Christmases have all been nice. The most memorable one was when I was three years old, I slept in all afternoon on Christmas Eve, and when I woke up, my cousin, Michael, who was six at this time, was already here with his dad. From what my gramma told me, I screamed, "MIKEY!!!" and ran to him and gave him a bear hug. Still haunts him to this day, he runs for the hills if I even mention the word "hug". Last Christmas, my godfather gave me $250 dollars for my birthday and I was psyched about that. $20 was for my mom and my gramma beause 1) gramma needed some money and 2) My mom spent over $200 on me. They were both surprised that I gave them money, but I just said, "When I don't have a lot of money, I don't share. But when I have a lot of money, then I share..."

Then, when I was seven or eight, my mom had gotten a call from "Santa Claus", saying that mom had gotten me a special Christmas present. A puppy. I called him Bear because the barks he made sounded like a growling bear. I eventually had to give him away to the pound, then to my mom's cousin because he was getting too big. But I still got pictures of Bear, sleeping with me in bed. :-)

For my other Christmases, I got video games, a Nintendo DS, a soccer ball, an Xbox 360, and a Kinect for my Xbox 360. Plus, I told you about last Christmas when I got a PC Tablet in my previous blog.

Valentine's Day (My Birthday)
Valentine's Day wasn't always the best day for me. None of my friends wished me a Happy Birthday in Elementary school and no one ever wanted to be my valentine, no matter what school year it was. In my sophomore year of high school, my teacher/librarian, Mrs. Melissa Dela-Xiong, gathered up all the T.A.'s, including me to dip some strawberries in chocolate. Mine were dipped in white chocolate, just for me. The chocolate hardened in only 10 minutes. The next year, my best friends came over for my Sweet 16th Birthday Party and they got me a Unicorn Pillow Pet. While my mom went to go get the cake, I opened my birthday card from my mom and I screamed so loud when I saw that my card had over $100 dollars in it. When my mom came, I hugged her so tight. My aunt tried to shove my head into the cake, but I avoided her just in time. Then, we all played Kinect Sports and later, me and my 3 best friends, Andrea, Daisy, and Janet, went shopping until it was about 7 or 8 at night. On my 17th birthday, I dressed up in my best dress, put on makeup, and went to my friend, Bryan. I gave him a card, Twix, and some Hershey's Chocolate. When I asked him to be my "birthday valentine", he said "Yes" and I was all smiles after that.

When Halloween came, I was unpredictable when it came to picking out a costume. My mom made me a Dalmatian costume. Then, I dressed up as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Then, as the Queen from Snow White. Then, a witch. Then, a Pikachu. Then, the ghostface from Scream. That Halloween, I was only 7 or so and at first I thought there was a stuffed dummy in a chair by the door that had the same costume as I did, but when we started to ring the bell, it screamed at me and I almost had a heart attack. Ever since then, I  have been having bad dreams like wildfire. Last year, I dressed up as a bottle of Mustard and 5 people asked me, "Where's the Ketchup?" My mom wore the same outfit at her job during the costume contest.

My Thankgivings were the bomb. When I was about 10 or so, there was this small baby tooth that wouldn't come out, no matter what I tried. So when I was eating a piece of some juicy, hot ham, I saw a white spot in my ham and then I realized my tooth was out!!! My gramma told me that one year, my mom made a turkey with the gizzards and liver and stuff still in it. Ugh! But a few years ago, my mom made so much food it lasted for almost two weeks. The Dutch Apple Pie, the turkey and ham, the stuffing, everything was fantastic!!! Plus, I got to see my cousins, Melody, Dylan, and Shane. I thought Shane was a guest that they had brought at first because he looked so different than the last time I saw him. He was over 6 feet tall, for crying out loud!!! My mom made her first peach cobbler soon after Thanksgiving was over and she did a good job on that, too.

See ya later, bloggers!!!

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