Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year UPDATE!!!!

Look At Me - Blog Entry #23 - Update!

October 2012 - Went trick-or-treating as a werewolf in torn clothes. Came back with a huge sack of candy and scared a few people. The one thing I love and hate is I get to scare others but I get scared the most easily on Halloween.

November 2012 - Had my cousins Melody, Dylan and Melody's husband come for Thanksgiving along with my gramma and aunt and other cousin Shaimont. Played a lot of WiiU, loved it.

December 2012 - On the third, I was hurting a lot, so I went to the ER and had my gallbladder taken out. It's a laparascopic cholecystectomy. The sleep medicine knocked me out during and after the surgery. I woke up at 8:30. I got a huge teddy bear from my godfather and everyone was visiting me in the hospital. Food's not as bad as they said it was. Loved my personal TV. Wish it was easier for me to sleep. After 3 days, I went home, got more visits, got pain meds and stayed in bed for a few weeks. On the Monday before winter break I got my doctor's release and my make-up work done. I went back the next day and everyone was happy to see me. I also got a promise ring from my boyfriend, Jarred, for Christmas. He liked the shirt and hat I sent him, too. I got back my stocking in the Library. I work there 1st period, and we each got another TA and we filled their stocking that month. Loved my glass flower and hair ties and jewelry. I gave up my video games to get money for Christmas to buy gifts for me and my mom and the others. My mom didn't get her bonus, but I didn't feel needy this time. We went to the Christmas party and my mom got bath and body works and bed sheets. I gave her a bracelet. I got a dinosaur doll, a make-up set and a $75 gift card for Barnes & Noble. I spent it all that month on 2 DVD's and 5 books. I also got my mom her birthday present (early), my godfather his gift (it was late), and my gramma a Rudolph vinyl figure.

January 2013 - Went to a New Year's Eve party. Played a lot of pool and played with Prince, the maltese. The music was way too loud, but I put up with it. Until my mom drove us home at about 2 in the morning. We stopped by the gas station first. On the seventh today, I got up for school and was glad the old librarian was back from her maternity leave. Now I just need to make up all my tests and my math assignments. I lost them and don't know where the hell they are. I have the notes, so I'll just get another copy of the work and turn it in as early as possible. I'm reading my alternate ending I wrote for 1984 book project final for English tomorrow. Hope they all like it! Took me a week to finish...