Saturday, March 24, 2012

Future Blogger Topics

Look At Me - Blog Entry #2 - Possible Topics 4 My Blogs in the Future

Now, this may seem kind of weird, but I thought that maybe I should list out all the things I'll be writing about later, so that my viewers will know what to expect from me. Seems to make sense to me...Along with these topics, I'll write about what happened to me on the day I write my blogs...if it's worth writing about, of course.

Blog Topics

***Keep in mind that I will not write about these topics in chronological order. I'll just write about one or two, cross them off in my mind, then write about other things. If I run out of things to blog about, I'll make it up as I go...Enjoy my blogs!!!***

Blog Topix
1.      My childhood bff, Elaina
2.      Bryan Palomino
3.      Mom’s tobacco addiction
4.      Jared, my cousin
5.      Bullies
6.      Elementary school
7.      My Obsessions (Dinosaurs, Big Bang Theory, George Lopez, Spongebob, Sonic, Assassin’s Creed, Pokemon, Writing, etc.)
8.      My Past and Present Teachers
9.      Music I Listen To
10.  Blasphemy
11.  My Book Obsession
12.  Video Games
13.  My Stuttering and Disorder
14.  My Talents
15.  My Health E.C. Essay and Teacher
16.  MY Awakening
17.  Why I Don’t Like Small Children
18.  Funerals
19.  Pets (Bear and Princess)
20.  My “A” Streak
21.  Riding a Horse
22.  My Uncle’s Wedding
23.  My Actual Dad
24.  My Friendship with Bryan
25.  Finding Out I had Asperger’s Syndrome
26.  My Therapist, Yisun
27.  Barnes and Noble’s Anonymous
28.  Talents – Singing drawing general knowledge ability to absorb info knowledge of animals recalling movies word 4 word writing acting Drama Choir Art Cooking Library Sciences computer knowledge talent shows
29.  My tomboyish nature (not wearing makeup, hygiene abnormalities, clothes, attitude, walk, friends, like to hang around boys more, etc.)
30.  Xmas Tablet and New Bike
31.  Holidays – Xmas, B-day, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving
32.  School Issues
33.  Museum of LA, Discovery Cube, Aquarium of the Pacific
34.  The Perks of Being a Straight A Student
35.  When Tracy Got Married…
36.  My Future Writing and Animal-Oriented Careers
38.  Calvin’s Poetry and My Poetry
Aunt Missy
Uncle Tracy
Shaimont and Co.
Bryan, cousin; Wes, Kyle, Justin
Aunt Lindsay
Gr8 Aunt Maxine
Gr8 Gramma Shirley
Aunt Donelda
Vicky and Co.
Sober Living Co.
Daisy, Rachel, Andrea and Daisy
My Pets
Bear Princess
Calvin’s Roommate’s Pets

Well, there you have it. For now. Since it's almost 11:30, I'm going to go to bed soon. Good night, fellow bloggers!!!

--Bryanna Michelle Akins <3-<3-<3

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