Thursday, April 12, 2012

IMPORTANT!!!...Update on Blog Activity


Hey people! Sorry I procrastinated on my daily blogs. I am waiting for Spring Break, so all of my school work and stuff's out of the way. I'll be typing some of my old diary entries I wrote last year and the year before that. I'll also be putting up my unpublished novel up as a separate blog. Here is a sneak peek of my story:

Premise for My Novel: Project Solitude
What if you were stuck in a shelter for troubled youth and the only way that you could get out of it was to participate in an experiment of unconditional love…?

What if you met a person that believed love was unconditional…? A person that believed love could conquer anything and everything…?

The beginning starts with a young woman that has just killed 22 people. She is then sent to a place called Rippled Waters Juvenile Sanctuary, where she must stay for the next 5-10 years. She participates in an experiment called Project: Solitude, where she must learn to trust and love someone again in order to obtain her freedom. The middle of the novel is where the woman and her partner connect and socialize the most and this is where the woman starts to fall in love. The end of the novel concludes with the woman, getting married and reunited with her parents.

The beginning starts with a woman, murdering 22 people, and then, she is sent to a shelter for troubled youth, where she will be a part of Project: Solitude, an experiment to see if a man could fall in love with the ugliest, most eccentric person that a team of scientists can team him up with. The middle is the part where the man and woman connect with each other the most and this is where she starts to fall in love with her partner. The end concludes with the man and woman, getting married and the woman gets reunited with her true parents.

Main setting: This story takes place at a university in the city, then the setting is at a shelter for troubled adolescents in the mountains, by a forest and a lake.

Theme(s): Love is unconditional and love can conquer anything…

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