Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Personal Statements for College

Personal Statement #1
            Every kid loves something. Whether it is dinosaurs, books or a game, they will be so into it that it will be hard to get their attention. I loved dinosaurs so much that I started memorizing random facts like wildfire. It was ten years ago when my mom had given me a cool toy for Christmas. It was an interactive toy that taught you about nine dinosaurs. I memorized every single fact about every single dinosaur in only a few weeks. After that, I started sharing my knowledge with my stunned family. Ever since then, my ability to learn and memorize information, as well as retain it for a long time, has grown and become my most vital asset when it comes to doing great in school.
            When I was little, I started taking an interest in all things around me, from dinosaurs to books. I went to the library every day and checked out as many books as I could. For every single birthday, all I wanted were books. After a while, I became curious about other things. I took up violin and I learned at a fast pace. It became clear that I had potential and this skill helped me excel in my high school electives. Things that I will be able to contribute to my future college are my individuality, intelligence, passion and caring heart.
            One thing I love about my ability to learn and focus is that I retain information more easily than my other friends, which have to study for tests and quizzes. When I learn new concepts and topics, I catch on quickly and my focus is a more intense than most students. Not even the incessant talking of my classmates can hinder my focus on what I am taught.
When I was young, I was bullied, from first to tenth grade. I did get picked on, but I never let it interfere with my schoolwork. Sure, I have a social disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome), but I didn’t let it interfere with my learning, along with my natural curiosity about everything. Furthermore, I do not let my disorder cloud my vision of who I am. I have been blocked by tough obstacles in life, but I learn from my mistakes and I work hard to be the best I can be, both inside and outside school.
My friends may consist of a small handful, but I like friends of quality. They let me know when I have said something rude that I didn’t intend to be. They like that I am a superb listener and that I am sensitive to them if they’re feeling sad or angry. They also enjoyed my company because I have a cool and eccentric sense of humor. It doesn’t matter if I am busy or not busy at all; I always try to find time for my family and best friends.  My mother, grandmother, godfather and cousins loves these traits I have as well. It’s my caring and passionate heart that makes me a strong woman and focused student.
            All in all, this natural curiosity and learning ability has aided me where most students have struggled. It has never faltered or went away and it never will. I’m still a bright student and at the top of my class. It makes me proud because schools these days have changed drastically and I am blessed to be able to keep up with these new and complicating concepts that leave most others clueless. This learning ability is what I am best known for and it has helped shaped me due to the fact that I literally do absorb information like a big sponge.

Personal Statement #2
            I was only four years old when my mom took me to Sea World. I have always been a curious girl. It does not matter if it is about dinosaur or how the universe was made. I will retain that information and keep it in until it is no longer needed.
            I grew up in an animal and writing-oriented world. My life has revolved around living things and writing, mostly books. Early on, I was taught how to draw animals in kindergarten. I drew tigers, birds, dogs, you name it. My natural curiosity has helped me to have and retain knowledge on just about everything. I learned about dinosaurs when I was seven with a Christmas toy. I memorized the entire thing in two weeks. Even then, I was memorizing movies down to the little lines that most do not even notice at first glance.
            One thing that I have always loved was animals. I had a lot of pets growing up. I had a lot of goldfish, two parakeets, a hamster, a puppy, a kitten and much more. I also helped to take care of other pets. I remembered how to take care of them and I did it…with a deep passion. I grew much attached to my puppy, Bear, and my kitten, Princess. When I had to give them up, I got very emotional and cried a lot after parting ways with both of them. My love of animals has also helped me to go to zoos, museums and aquariums, so that I could learn more and expand my knowledge of these beautiful creatures.
            It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is. I will learn about it and memorize the bare facts. This love of animals will never go away. It’s been my passion that I will always cherish and it will definitely aid me in my job as a zoologist or animal biologist. My family has always supported me and have always loved that I love learning because it has helped me in school.  The only thing that I’ll miss is when the world comes to an end is all those amazing creatures that live on this planet will perish and vanish from this world.

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